Is your Child One of the Victims of Food Jag?

Some children, especially toddlers, suffer from “food jag”. This phenomenon occurs when the child eats the same food meal after meal repetitively.

Eating the same food is not sinful, but food jags can often frustrate parents who would like their children to eat a variety of foods. Along with the repetitive food, other healthy foods can be kept alongside to encourage variety. There is no need to think upon a solution as most “monotonous diners” get bored of eating the same food so often.

But if this event continues for more than two weeks, it is better to talk with your doctor or a registered dietitian nutritionist.

Meet your RDN to solve problems related to your baby's eating habits
A Paediatrician/Dietitian & Nutritionist can Fix your Child’s Food Jag Issue

Get in touch with an RDN by visiting the link

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