Self-Help Breakfast Options for Kids

Breakfast should be a combination of food from all the ffive food groups
Little Master Chefs busy in the Kitchen

The first meal of the day to break your fast after a night’s sleep should be a combination of foods from the milk, grains, vegetable, fruit and/or protein groups to provide your child or teen with the right nutrients to stay energetic throughout the day. The five food groups and their benefits are elaborated at the link. Even on days during which the kids are on their own to prepare breakfast, they can prepare these simple and healthy breakfast recipes and eat them along with a glass of 100-percent fresh fruit juice or milk.

  • Cheese slices melted or placed directly on whole-wheat toast and fresh fruit juice with no added water or sugars.
  • Iron-fortified cereal and milk with banana slices or chopped strawberries and almonds.
  • Peanut butter spread on toasted whole-grain bread, leftover chapatti rolls or waffle.
  • Oats with fruits such as bananas, strawberries, pomegranates and dry raisins.
  • Leftover spaghetti or macaroni with cheese and banana.
  • Apple and cheese slices between whole-wheat crackers.
  • Breakfast cereal with fresh fruits of your choice and a scoop of frozen unsweetened yogurt.

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