A Definite ‘No’ to Bottle Feeding of Solid Foods

Bottle feeding of solids may result in over feeding
Parents Should Discourage Bottle Feeding of Solid Foods

The transition from feeding to teaching your baby to use a spoon is a huge one. This makes us wonder if we can skip the spoon altogether and put solid foods, such as infant cereal, inside the baby’s bottle. The link www.firsteatright.com contains an elaborate list of the most nutritious solid foods for baby.

But the fact is that feeding your baby with solid foods from the bottle is not a smart idea. Certain problems with this practice are:

  • Delay in learning feeding skills.
  • Choking hazard sometimes due to cereal from the bottle.
  • Baby might indulge in over consumption of food.

Spoon-feeding your infant with a time gap between two bites is the best option as it makes your baby feel full and the baby learns to self-regulate. Get rid of the famous misconception that feeding your little one with cereal from the bottle will help your baby sleep through the night peacefully.

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