The Surprisingly Healthy Canned Foods!

Canned foods can be healthy diet foods
The Endless Varieties of Canned Foods

Canned foods are being used regularly for their convenience as they save ample time. There are more than 1,500 varieties of canned foods that make their presence strongly felt on supermarket shelves. Supermarkets contain the traditional kind of canned foods along with a variety of nutritionally rich products that are sodium-free, low-fat, with no added sugars and so on. Advantages of canned foods include:

  • Long shelf life. Canned fruits and vegetables are a great choice for replacing seasonal produce. These canned produces are preservative-free and remain safe until the container is intact. The canning process (high temperatures and sterile containers) destroys any microorganisms that may cause spoilage. Although canned products have a ‘use by’ date, it is better to rotate these products at least every other year to stay safe anyways.
  • Even better than fresh foods sometimes. Canned foods or dishes made with canned ingredients are as nutritious or sometimes even more nutritious than fresh foods, if fresh ones are not handled properly. Proper handling techniques of fresh foods is available at Lycopene, a carotene, in canned tomatoes is more bioavailable than in uncooked fresh tomatoes.
  • Convenient, portable, quick. They’re ready to eat. Canned soups, stews and vegetables are already cooked in the can and hence can be eaten just after heating them.
  • Fool-proof. Cans don’t get tampered easily as any effort to open them is clearly evident. The inside contents are not so easily affected even with the presence of rust spots or dents on the outer surface of the cans.
  • Recap tightly. It is always better to use canned goods immediately once they are opened. Refrigerate the contents in a clean and sealed container to retain the taste and nutritional quality of the food. Otherwise, leftovers may perish.

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