Grow Healthy Together as a Family

Healthy parents bring up healthy children
Parents are a Child’s First Role Model

Children consider parents to be their role model for building up healthy behaviors and eating habits. Help your child make wise food choices and regulate their physical activity by having a positive influence on them. Small things that can be done on your part include:

  • Involve the entire family in fun activities.
  • Ensure that your child engages in at least one sports activity of their choice after school hours.
  • Instead of asking them to go for a walk as an exercise regime, suggest them to hit the road along with their dog while counting the number of rabbits or cats passing by.
  • Involve children in the food planning and execution phase. Let them accompany you right from deciding the menu to shopping, preparing and serving the meal. This way, you can serve healthy diet foods to the entire family.

Instill the good feel that your children are a part of the team and that health and fitness are a combined family effort.

With School Breaks Comes Break to Nutritious Foods

Parent and caregivers await the spring, summer and winter breaks from school with anxiousness to face the challenges posed during lunchtimes and other food tantrums that may come up at any time during the day. For healthy and child-friendly lunch ideas, have a look at the different recipes available at

Schools that provide lunch to children do it on a balanced lunch program basis and assure nutrition to growing kids. It is the duty of the parents and caregivers to help children consume nutritious food at home to support their growing body needs.

Nutrition academies have found that parents outrank celebrities in being their child’s favorite “role model”. By cooking healthy food and having it together with their children, parents chisel the food habits of their children and give them opportunities to try various nutritious foods without hesitation.

Reputed studies claim parents to have a positive impact on their children’s growth, development and behavior throughout the year, specifically in the early years when the influence is the greatest.

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