Bring New Year Resolutions Back to Life

determination word
Fulfill New Year Resolutions with Determination

Resolution to eat healthfully and lose weight happens on the 1st of January every year but loses steam as the year proceeds, for many. For those having trouble sticking to their resolutions or meeting their goals, make the second half of the year a different one by creating a solid plan that sets you up for success.

Revisit your Food Choices and Lifestyle

Note down your food intake quantities and the amount of physical activity done every day to identify behaviours you would like to correct.

Break one Big Goal into Small Specific Sub-goals

Split your one big goal into more specific subgoals and include small, practical changes in your daily routine to achieve these specific goals. For example, instead of deciding to eat a better and healthier meal, decide on adding an extra piece of fruit to your eating schedule daily. Keep in mind that, goals should be challenging and at the same time achievable.

Set Realistic and Timely Goals

The goals must answer your questions of How much?or How many? to review them easily and track your progress. Revisit your progress every week or once in two weeks and alter your plan according to your current progress or situation. Also time your goals properly, giving enough time to achieve smaller ones so that you dont get discouraged even if you are not able to meet your target immediately.

Stay in Touch with an RDN

A registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) is the best person to bank upon for reliable and uptodate information on food and nutrition. An RDN can help you set practical and achievable goals, and plan your schedule such that you achieve your target along with constant support from their side.

For further information on sticking to a healthy weightloss plan this year, get in touch with an RDN at



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