Dining Out with your Little Ones

Make kids choose between healthy foods
Kids can Choose between Two or Three Suitable Menu Items

Be wise, eat smart: plan well in advance, go through the menu and pick the right food to help you stick on to your plan.

  • Choose kid-friendly eat outs that offer a healthy children’s menu which includes small portion sizes with ample nutrition and good health.
  • Tune your kids to accept milk as a beverage and fruits for dessert.
  • Order plain foods. You can request for sauce if your child asks for it.
  • Replace fried “sides” such as fries with carrots or apple slices.
  • Ask your child to choose between two or three suitable menu items. To gain knowledge on suitable menu items for kids, please check the website www.firsteatright.com.
  • Allow your kids to order their familiar favorites. You can offer a bite or two of the new foods from your order.
  • Everyone, especially children, require ample calcium for their growing bones. Children can go for low-fat or fat-free white or chocolate milk or add a slice of cheese to the sandwich. Desserts can be any dairy treat like yogurt, a milkshake or frozen dairy dessert.




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