Take Off with Smart Food Options

Eat healthy and be stress-free
Airports Offer Healthy Menu Options

After check-in, most of us would get the feeling of having accomplished an enormous task and would like to reward ourselves with fatty, salty or sugary foods available at the airport. Nutritionists and dietitians reveal that our body craves for good food during stressful periods and it is essential to fuel our body with the correct nutrients during these times. As flying is said to be stressful, it is essential to replenish our body with the right nutrients and move on with the journey ahead.

Carry some Security-Friendly Snacks from Home

Try to pack a few healthy snack options from home as you might not find much healthy snacking choices available during your travel. Also, temptations are everywhere and when you are not hungry, you may choose from these high-calorie foods rather than staying away from them.

Make a homemade trail mix with whole-grain, high-fiber cereal, nuts such as almonds or walnuts and a few dried fruits. Arrange ¾- to 1-cup servings of the mix in individual containers to reduce mindless eating. This way you can keep track of your portion size. Also carry some fresh fruits and cheese sticks as these are filling, easy to pack and pass through security check easily.

Lounge Options

If you run short of time to pack healthy snacks at home, you can buy some healthy food from the airport, if you know what to look out for. Pick high-fiber (at least 3 grams per serving) granola bars, pretzels, peanut butter crackers, packages of peanuts, low-fat yogurt or fruit. If you want to snack on chips, choose baked ones as they have less fat content.

Restaurants are nowadays offering healthier menu options and airport restaurants do come under this umbrella. Choose a menu that offers grilled chicken breast, side salads, baked potatoes and low-fat dairy. What kind of restaurant foods are healthy? To check out the answer, visit the website www.firsteatright.com.

You can even buy a healthy meal at the airport restaurant and consume it inside the plane. Choose salads or sandwiches stuffed with vegetables for such take-away options.

Hydrate with Sparkling Water

Drinking plenty of water is critical for everyday health, especially during your travel days. Increased water intake can also prevent overeating, keep you away from fatigue and maintain a smooth-functioning immune system.

Never drink alcohol to come out of travel stress. Take a walk in the airport or do some simple exercises to come out of stress.

Travelling with Dietary Restrictions

Buying healthy foods can be challenging for those who have dietary restrictions. Vegan or vegetarian travelers can choose from a restaurant that serves ethnic cuisine. Mexican restaurants serving bean burritos, Chinese restaurants serving vegetable stir fry on rice, a Middle Eastern restaurant serving hummus or falafel are few options to choose from.

To make matters simple, log on to the airport’s website and have an idea about the eateries available near your terminal. By doing this, you can ignore packing snacks from home if there are healthy food options available out there.

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