Create a Positive Aura during Dinner Time

weight-related talks may result in disordered eating
Avoid Weight-related Conversations during Mealtime

Meal times are the ideal time to exchange your day’s experience and have some fun-filled moments together as a family. But, if these discussions steer towards weight management, it is high time that you bring in some positive talk to end the negative conversation doing its rounds. Weight-related talks make teens and children switch to a guilty mode, bring in a feeling of insecurity and end up in disordered eating.

Discussions can revolve around food tastes and healthfulness. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle can elevate energy levels, athletic performance, school performance and positive mood and reduce the risk of illness. Discussing positive things is fun and good.

Elaborated here are a few simple ways to make your kid love his/her body and follow a healthful behavior.

What is Healthy and What is Unhealthy?

Being obsessed about calories, carbs, fats or any other nutrient is not healthy. This kind of an obsession makes mealtime experience unpleasant and stressful. Educate your child on table etiquettes and raise him/her to be a healthy eater by filling half the plate with fruits and vegetables. Meals and snacks should be a combination of foods from all five food groups.

Just for Laughs

Children must be involved in the kitchen. It can be a simple chore of washing the apples or slicing the veggies or more exacting ones like stirring hot pots. You can work around a concept and implement the same concept with your child. Maybe Mondays can be meatless ones, Tuesdays can be regularly used for trying out new cuisines and so on. Entice kids by naming food preparations with funny names such as funky monkey banana shake or dhamaka dum biriyani which are sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face.

Kids Imitate Parents

Make dietary food modifications immediately if you have been indulging in unhealthy food practices. Have a positive attitude about your body image and never complain about foods or your weight measures. Children imitate parents and such comments kindle young brains to tell the same. Don’t succumb to fad diets as your child might get a picture that restrictive eating is the easiest way to lose weight that following a healthy diet plan.

Don’t Go by Weights Alone

Weights are just numbers when your child eats three meals a day, drinks plenty of water, consumes plenty of colorful produce, is very active and moves to the point of sweating daily. Children’s bodies keep changing as long as they are growing. Hence don’t panic about weight measures as long as your kid satisfies all the criteria mentioned above.

Get Hold of a Nutritionist/Dietitian

Any concerns regarding your child’s weight, diet or attitude towards his/her body should be discussed with your child’s healthcare provider. It is better to schedule an appointment with a registered dietitian nutritionist at who will consider your family’s diet history and make relevant changes to meet the nutritional needs of all members in the family.


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