Train your Teen to Read Food Labels

Encourage teens to take ownership of their health
Teens should be Taught to make Mindful Choices

How precisely do we check out the food labels and unriddle their nutrition facts??? While it still remains a challenge for many of us, think of our teens who are just entering the phase of making food choices. It is our responsibility to make them mindful of choosing products after completely understanding the food labels.

Learn to Pick the Right Food

A nutrition-savvy person would swiftly refer to the Nutrition Facts table of a food package to grasp its information. Renowned nutritionists guide their clients to always choose high-fiber foods with increased protein content for longer satiety with minimal sugar and salt content in them. Also, it is great to avoid candies, soda, baked goods, chips and other junk foods due to their negligent nutrient contents.

Portion Notion

Adolescents attain maximum growth during their teenage phase during which they need both calories and nutrients. Usually single portions do not fulfill a teenager’s appetite as they have ample choices with fast foods, buffets and heaping restaurant portions. Today’s teenagers have the penchant to empty an entire packet of chips or gulp down a bottle of soda which actually has several portions which could satisfy some of his/her friend’s appetite too!!! Nutritionists suggest that today’s generation are extremely influenced by their peers and hence may simply follow the food portions consumed by friends and family. Filling your plate with nutrient-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, lean protein, low-fat dairy and whole grains rather than stuffing yourself with empty calories from fat, sugar and salt would be the right choice for growing teens.

Health Claims: Too Good to be True?

Would you have ever hunched that a sugar-loaded cereal would be a source of whole-grain or that a fruit-flavored beverage could boost your immunity? It’s because of all these advertising gimmicks and luring posters set up by these manufacturers that it is essential to inspire our teens to investigate the Nutrition Facts label to assess the genuineness of a food product. Care must be taken by parents to ensure that your children consider these labels for nutrition percentage only and do not become obsessed with restricting their food intake which can otherwise lead to eating disorders during their teen years. This is commonly seen among the female population and the side effects of such disordered eating patterns are discussed in the website, which are terrifying.

Choose Prudently when Eating Out

Today’s teens want to decide on everything by themselves-right from their career to the food they eat. Hence nurturing them with healthy food habits is the only solution to help them make the right choices when they eat out.  Numerous food apps on the mobile and online websites which give us detailed information about Nutrition Facts for menu items of restaurants help teens to choose the right meal options.

Everyone is bound to make mistakes and your teenager is no exception to it. But encouraging them to take ownership of their health is definitely bound to pay off in the long run.

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