Get Kids out of the Low-Carb Diet Illusion

Low-carb diets are not balanced diets
Low-carb Diets Eliminate Certain Grains, Produce & Legumes

People continue to fall a prey to any kind of plan which promises weight loss. Low-carbohydrate eating plans are one such diet plans that promise definite weight loss effects. There is no formal definition of a low-carb diet and the general idea is to eliminate some or all grains, fruits, legumes and vegetables. There may be other diet plans followed by adults in the family and one might wonder if it can be implemented for the children as well.

Carbohydrates are the Primary Source of Energy

Generally, about half the calories consumed by adults and children are from carbohydrates. Being the best source of energy for our body, carbohydrates are abundant in nutritious foods like grains, fruits, vegetables, milk and yogurt.

The Bad Carbs

Not-so-nutritious foods such as sugary beverages, candy and baked goods also contain carbohydrates. RDNs feel that limiting such carbs is fine, in fact better for a healthy body. But the sad truth is that kids love to have a candy or a pastry. Extra calories from any foods, especially added sugars, may end up in overweight or obesity when they are not combined with physical activity.

The Downsides of a Low-Carb Diet

Even though your preteen or adolescent may look and behave like an adult, the nutrient and calorie requirements are higher than a normal adult and dramatically decreasing the calorie intakes lands the kid in trouble. For more information on the exact calorie requirements of adults and children, please visit the website Carbs contribute to half our calorie requirements and curbing the consumption of nutritious high-carb foods from our healthy diet plan leaves us with pretty much nothing to eat. Nutritionists and dietitians are concerned about kids who load their plates with proteins and fats to make up for the lost carbs. They also feel that teens avoiding carbs lack much energy to do anything. This is particularly true in the case of athletes, as carbs are the main source of fuel for exercise.

High-Carb Foods Help to Maintain Weight in the Long Term

A study has found that while low-carb foods may result in weight loss, including certain high-carb foods leads to a healthy weight. This is because, whole grains (such as brown rice) take more time for digestion that refined grains (such as white rice). Another medical study found that people who consumed plenty of whole grains, whole fruits and vegetables over a period of 20 years gained less weight compared to those who didn’t.

The optimal way to stay healthy is to get into the habit of eating healthy food rather than eating no-carb foods.



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