Fruity Veggie Snack Delights

Innovate new produce ideas
Ingenious Fruit & Veggie Snacks

Everyone is aware of the benefits of consuming fruits and veggies in one way or the other. But most of us are not fully mindful of the goodness of produce for kids. Nutrient-rich and almost fat-free, these fruits and veggie snacks are the ideal ones to help children receive their share of nutrients without added extra calories.

Produce are packed with potassium, magnesium and fiber. These are also rich sources of antioxidants which act against cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. Think smart, eat more fruits and veggies and note a positive change in the body.

Goodness is in the Eyes of the Beholder

You are not going on a treasure hunt for nutrition with fresh fruits and veggies, as everyone is aware of the nutrition boost of these produce. The major concern here is, how to make kids eat produce for snacks?

The answer is very simple. Try to keep fresh fruits and veggies attractively in places where anyone can pick something for a snack-on-the-run. You can place a colorful bowl of fresh ripe apples, exotic kiwis or fiery pomegranates on the dining table or over the kitchen counter. Place small bags of fresh veggie snacks like multicolor bell peppers, broccoli florets or orange carrots at eye level in the fridge or in easy-to-reach glass containers.

Go Dry on Snacks

Dried fruit is the perfect one for a school snacks or picnic as it does not spoil the backpacks with its watery content and needs no refrigeration. Go for apples, blueberries, apricots and raisins that are often dried with their own natural sweetness and no added sugars. Use dried fruits in trail mix and any salad for its colorful appearance and healthy nutrients. Dried vegetables like crunchy dried soybean, pea and chickpea are also good choices for a nutritious and healthy snack.

Canned Choices for an Inexpensive Treat

Canned fruits are a splendid option for a quick, inexpensive and an appealing snack. Fruits canned in juice or, similar to natural applesauce, made without added sugar are worth the try. Large cans should either be split into smaller portions or go for the single-serve containers of canned fruits such as mandarin oranges, apple chunks and applesauce.

Canned beans mixed with other vegetables like canned corn and spicy salsa make a peppy snack dip. These dips are yummy, easy to prepare and inexpensive.

All-Time Available Frozen Treats

Fresh or frozen, the nutrient content of fruits remains the same. Any form of produce, fresh, canned, dried or frozen, is beneficial in its own way as given in You can choose the frozen fruits for their less expensive nature and also when fresh fruits are unavailable during any season. Frozen strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in small handfuls make an excellent yogurt topping or a smoothie ingredient. Kids love the frozen bars which contain 100 percent fruit and juice (you can make them at home or buy from outside) which is refreshing on hot summer days. Frozen vegetables are as delicious as their canned counterparts. Try microwaving quickly and adding to bean and salsa dip combinations.

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