Transporting your Children into the World of Foods

Children learn about food at the supermarket
Allow Kids to Choose their Desired Produce at the Market

Food offers a world of experiences that is relevant to how children learn. Food can become a “hands-on” activity and daily tasks can get kids involved in food and promote healthy eating. Attempt these simple ways to explore food with your children:

  • When you take your children to the supermarket, involve them by asking the names of fruits and vegetables stored in the shelves or the canned food aisle. They can also say the colours of the different foods they know. Teach your children about foods that are new to them and talk about their colour, shape, size and feel.
  • While you sort out the veggies at home, have a friendly chat about the part of the plant each one grows on: leaf (cabbage, lettuce, and greens), roots (carrot, potato), stalk (celery, asparagus), flower (broccoli, cauliflower, artichoke) and seed (peas, corn).
  • Try to plant seeds or saplings in your backyard garden. You can start small by sowing seeds in paper cups on your windowsill. Kids love to eat foods grown by themselves and it’s a fabulous science lesson too. Gardening is a fabulous activity with many benefits attached to it. You are sure to get the entire family involved in this activity, once you become aware of its advantages from
  • Involve your children in planning meals. Small children can be asked to pick the veggies and fruits of their choice to make dinner out of these produce. You can show them pictures of these colorful produce to help them choose their favorite ones.
  • Once the preschoolers are ready, allocate some simple tasks to them to help with family meals. For instance, small kids can wash fruits, arrange bread in a basket, put ready-to-eat cereals in bowls or help set the table. Most of the children love to give a helping hand in the kitchen. They feel good about themselves when they do so and share this news with their loved ones at the dinner table. Working together in the kitchen is also a great way to nurture children in a better path.
  • Read books on food along with your kids. Request a preschool teacher, librarian or head of the children’s book department in a store for attractive and informative titles. Try to prepare a few foods that amused your child from the stories.

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