Use Food as a Powerful Tool to Kill Hunger and not to Reward or Punish your Kids

Some children refuse to eat just to punish parents
Kids Avoid Food to Seek Attention

Discipline your child, but not with food. Punishing children by restricting their access to food makes your child feel anxious as he/she may be worried about not getting enough food or going hungry. This may end up in your child gobbling up whenever there is a chance to eat something.

The scenario may also get reversed where the child refuses to eat food as a way of punishing his/her parents or to seek attention.

Furthermore, never bribe your children to finish off with the food placed on their plate. Offering them sweets or their favorite snack as a reward for eating food may create the wrong notion in your child that these foods are more valuable or better than healthier foods. To curb all these unhealthy practices, visit the website to teach your child the art of eating right. Most of the time kids continue expecting food rewards throughout their life and this habit is hard to change.

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