Play Together & Benefit Together

Never allow games to turn into competition between family members
Play your Child’s Favorite Game Together as a Family

Active parents nurture active children. When you play outdoors together as an entire family, your child is most likely to be active. Ask each family member to list their favorite outdoor activities and choose one activity from the list to play on a given day. Ensure that you involve yourself in the activity for at least sixty minutes on five to seven days a week. But keep a few pointers in mind before starting an activity:

  • Heavy kids don’t prefer organized and competitive games. Hence choose activities where participation but not winning or performing well is the priority. You can go for biking or dog walking.
  • Activities don’t automatically happen. You need to plan it for your kid. Arrange for a small walk right after dinnertime or plan for some easy-to-play games for the entire family.
  • Even small gestures are some form of physical activity. Parking at a small distance further away from the store, climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator or asking your child to push the shopping cart if possible are everyday activities that help to burn calories.
  • Organize fun activities. Children don’t feel the burden of exercise if it is fun-filled. Such enjoyable activities are most welcomed by children and they are likely to continue it for the rest of their lives.
  • Ask your child to try out various activities. Play a game of basketball, baseball, tennis or soccer and ask him/her to choose what he/she likes the best and continue with that activity.

If you are interested in planning a healthy diet meal for your kid along with these activities, you can get in touch with a nutritionist/dietitian at

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