Constant Stomach Discomforts Need Attention


There is no definite cause nor cure for dyspepsia
Heartburn Causes Stomach Discomfort After Every Meal

Individuals are termed to have “dyspepsia” or “bad digestion” when they:

  • Feel uncomfortable or bloated right after a meal or even after an hour or so after having food.
  • Have a burning sensation
  • Feel sick and puke sometimes.
  • Have some or the other problem with the stomach, maybe indigestion, stomach upset or simply their stomach does not feel right.

Constant upper abdominal pain or discomfort without any specific medical cause is called functional dyspepsia. Although the symptoms can occur during any time of the day, eating can trigger it up. Discomforts can occur soon after a meal or sometimes after half an hour or so.

You are not the only one suffering from functional dyspepsia. Many people undergo this pain and it affects both men and women equally. People visit their physician often fearing an ulcer. Firstly, it is frustrating that there is no definite cause for functional dyspepsia, but the even more frustrating part is that there is no infallible solution to it.

Simple Actions to Reduce Heartburn

There are few simple things that can be done from your end to relieve heartburn problem:

  • Avoid foods that trigger your symptoms. If you are unsure about the foods that can aggravate heartburn, please get in touch with a registered dietitian nutritionist at to help you plan a healthy diet meal keeping in mind your restrictions.
  • Eat small portions throughout the day and be sure to chew your food slowly and thoroughly.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Be sure to do some physical activity for at least 150 minutes/week. Don’t exercise right after eating. Also, try to reduce stress by involving yourself in relaxation therapies, cognitive behavioral therapies or exercise.
  • Get enough rest. Don’t go to sleep for at least two hours after eating.

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