Eat, Eat, Overeat

You can be social yet restrictive while eating out
We Compete with Our Friends for More Food While Eating Out

Some eat to live and some others live to eat. If you belong to the second category, you are in serious trouble. Food is essential for live, but food is not the only essence of life. When we feel hungry we eat and then we stop eating once we feel full. We repeat this process after a few hours when we feel hungry again. This process of eating sounds too simple to be true. But it is ‘what’ we eat and ‘how’ much we eat that matters in this process. There are too many external forces that affect our eating habits and make us overeat.

You Eat What You See

Fruits, veggies or chocolates on kitchen counters tempt an individual to grab them when hungry. Studies prove that people who stock nutritious foods on their cabinets weigh a few kilograms lighter, whereas people who stock chocolates and sodas weigh a few kilograms heavier. It is up to you to decide wisely now.

Big or Small?

We compare servings and portions not with what they are ought to be compared with but with the size of our plate. People eat almost 50% more on a bigger plate comparatively. A generous serving on a small plate seems to fill the plate, whereas the same serving on a bigger plate prompts you to go for a second helping.

Dining in Style

Having meals at your dinner table motivates you to eat more as the food is easily accessible. When you help yourself with food from the kitchen area, you are less motivated to get up and get yourself a second or third serving. You think twice before getting up and end up eating less.

Watching TV

Fidgeting with your mobile or watching TV makes you consume more food, as much as 25-percent more, than when you dine without the company of these gadgets.

Lighting Matters

Low beam or dim lighting gives you a serene environment that helps you avoid overeating. A brightly lit room prompts you to eat faster and eat more comparatively.

Eating Out Together

Having dinner outside with one friend increases your consumption by about 35 percent, whereas sharing a meal with a group of people makes your appetite grow by almost 96 percent. You try to compete with your other friends who eat more food, more quickly.

Is Your Waiter Slim or Fat?

An overweight waiter is a ‘license to eat’ and you are three times more likely to order dessert and alcohol than when you give your orders to a slim waiter.

Candy Crush

Anything sugary can tempt most of us. Sugary foods trigger an addictive-like pattern of eating. Eating a chocolate bar raises your blood-glucose levels including your pleasure chemical levels in the brain. Once the blood glucose levels drop, you brain starts craving for the candy again.

Boredom, Stress, Emotions…

There is not one, but many excuses to eat something. We eat to ease boredom, overcome our stress or simply because we want to be happy. All these add extra calories and pile up our weight. Emotional hunger piles up calories and it is better to check your hunger quotient at before attacking on a plate of poha or sandwich.

In reality, eating is fun especially with the varieties of food available in market nowadays. It takes a lot of willpower and self-discipline to overcome these trivial pleasures of eating and eat only for the sake of hunger and nutrition. Take time to eat, take breaks between bites and appreciate the food that goes into your mouth.

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