Enjoy Your Workout Sessions Alfresco

Outdoor exercise helps to cut down expenses
Exercise Outdoors to Break the Monotony and Enjoy the Fresh Air

October has just started and the weather is turning out to be pleasant. Instead of sweating out at the gym, with a little creativity you can replicate your gym exercises outdoors, in a nearby park or in any open place of your convenience. Think twice before running to the gym to use the stair-climbing machine as any outdoor staircase can help you perform the same exercise. Have fun in this gorgeous weather outside using your bike for an outdoor cycling workout instead of pedaling the monotonous stationary cycle at your local gym. Many parks and your gated-community apartments have a designated cycling/walking/jogging path which makes your exercise schedule much more pleasant and lively than running on a treadmill. These are only glimpses of how gym sessions can be replicated outdoors. If you are planning to lose weight, it is better to meet a registered dietitian nutritionist at www.firsteatright.com to help you plan a healthy diet plan along with great tips on exercising outdoors. On a pleasant and cheerful day, enjoy the outside weather and take advantage of the opportunity to reap the benefits of exercising outdoors.

  1. The changing environment helps to keep your body fit and active. While gym workouts have their benefits, doing the same exercise routines day in and day out can cause an overuse injury. As outdoor landscapes are unpredictable, our body adapts itself by working hard to maintain an efficient work rate in any terrain. Walking, running or jogging on a terrain that is constantly changing increases the strength of your connectivity tissue (these help to curb specific injuries).
  2. More the wind resistance, more calories our bodies burn. Running or cycling outdoors helps to burn more calories as wind offers a natural resistance and you must work harder to break this resistance and reach your target.
  3. Exercising outdoors is the best ways to meet your neighbors and friends while taking care of your physical health. Walking or running in your local park or your neighborhood helps you stay connected with your loved ones and improves your mental health as well. Keep your mobile phones back in the house, remove your ear plugs and simply start your workout to improve your real-life social network.
  4. You can save ample money by exercising in the open. Although a gym or a fitness studio provides you with numerous benefits and motivates you, exercising outdoors helps to cut down on your monthly expenses. If you are a disciplinarian and a self-motivated person, exercising outdoors is a great option to minimize expenditure.
  5. Certain research studies prove that sweating outdoors is more beneficial than sweating indoors. You feel more revitalized and energized with lesser tension, stress, anger and depression when you exercise outdoors. Individuals are sure to experience greater satisfaction and joy when they exercise out in the open.
  6. Exercise time becomes family time too when you exercise outdoors. Instead of keeping your kid with the nanny and running to the gym for a group salsa or Zumba session, exercise along with your kids to instigate the importance and benefits of exercise to your little ones. Hitting the playground, hiking out, playing a sport or riding bicycles together are sure ways to spend quality time with your kids while simultaneously reaping the benefits of workout. Playing at the park can only benefit your kid, but running with your kids and climbing the playground equipment can help you sweat it out too.

On pleasant lovely days, keep it a point to miss the gym and do your workout in the open.

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