Heterogeneity of the Active Aging Population

Flexibility is achieved with daily physical activity
Giving Practical Use of the Exercise Done Motivates Individuals to Perform Better

Seniors or active aging population are the most heterogeneous group inside a gym setting because of different factors such as various physical ailments, different amounts of monetary comforts, abundant free time to take double classes (morning and evening) every day and disciplined behavior and regularity. Age is just a number. Someone in their 70’s might be fitter than some other person in his/her 50’s. Every individual is unique with different physical abilities and health quotient. Stretch time can be utilized to talk about life experiences of senior citizens. They are the old, wise population who can impart knowledge on the different attributes of life.

Factors that Determine Heterogeneity

  1. Disposable income: Instead of spending money on medicines, the aging population doesn’t mind spending their disposable income on fitness. Coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds, those with sufficient extra money would love to enroll in a gym, buy fitness gears for themselves or appoint personal trainers. Fitness trackers are live demonstrations of your activity level and encourage you to move harder and often.
  2. Variant body issues: We generally notice common type of complaints among people over the age of 50. Some people take medications for diseases or problems, whereas other people suffer from arthritis or other aches/pains day in and day out.
  3. Effective time usage: Although seniors have ample time with them, they get annoyed when their precious time is not utilized properly. They feel that gym sessions need optimized outputs apart from being fun classes where people can interact with each other. Seniors cherish every moment of their life as they feel that they have limited time in their hands.
  4. Give practical examples: Making them learn activities correlating them with things that would make their day go easier helps them connect on a deeper level to the movement. For instance, when opening and closing fingers of the hands in circular patterns, they would do it energetically when they are elaborated on its advantage in practical life: lubricates wrists and fingers that help to use mobile phones and pick things easily. Seniors with morning stiffness automatically start rotating their hands and fingers to make them more flexible.

How Much is Good Enough?

Individuals can go for 30- or 60-minute sessions depending on their fitness level and time available. Classes can be on the land (aerobic or physical exercise) or aquatic classes are also becoming popular nowadays.

Aging seniors need proper nourishment and regular exercising to every muscle and bone in their body to keep them mobile and active. A registered dietitian nutritionist at www.firsteatright.com is the best person to provide proper nutrition tips depending on the individual’s body condition.

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