Are You Eating More Produce to Stay on a Healthy Weight?

Bell peppers have abundant vitamin C
Crunchy Bell Peppers Make A Great Snack

Every day some new advantage of consuming plant-based foods is added and the list of advantages are becoming longer and longer. People generally assume that eating plant-based foods refers to avoiding animal products. But, it actually insists on eating more foods from plants such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes while restricting (or eliminating altogether) animal products. Generally, plant-based foods are less expensive, more better for the environment, good for the health and your waistline as well. There are few plant-based foods that are given the pedestal and must be included in your diet at any cost (vegetarian or not).


Both, a protein and a vegetable, beans are packed with fiber that fulfills your hunger quotient easily and keeps you full for a long time, preventing you from overeating during the next meal. A certain study has also found that, people who ate beans to fulfill protein requirements consumed 12 % fewer calories during the next meal. They are also good for your heart and rich in many other nutrients such as zinc, folate and potassium. If you are still unsure whether beans are proteins or vegetables, get your question answered at


Cabbage is said to be a dieter’s best friend. Containing around 92% water, one bowl of cabbage containing fibre and water fills your tummy with minimal calories (17 calories). This makes cabbage the perfect crunchy snack you can eat without bothering about your calorie accumulation. Cabbage can sneak into many of your meal recipes: used in salad instead of/along with lettuce, mixed into a stir-fry, used as the shell for dumpling or used as a wrap too.

Sweet Potatoes

Eating any type of potato is considered to be evil by people who are trying to lose weight and sweet potatoes are no exceptions. But, on the other hand, sweet potatoes help in weight loss and are rich sources of vitamin C. An excellent energy (carbohydrate) source, they fuel the brain and prevent cravings for any other type of calorie-rich carbs such as sugar. Sweet potatoes also contain two of the most important antioxidants (carotenoids and sporamins) which evade away aging and numerous other diseases.

Bell Peppers

A sweet, crunchy snack that fills the taste buds as well as the tummy is preferred by many. Bell peppers fulfil these criteria perfectly well. One cup of fibre-rich bell peppers containing only 24 calories revs up fibre level in your body. Once the fibre requirements for the day are fulfilled, your body absorbs as much as 90 fewer calories a day. Also, 1 cup of sliced peppers fulfils 190% of vitamin C needed for a day. Vitamin C plays an important role in weight management as it counteracts the stress hormone cortisol, responsible for fat stores around the midsection. Bell peppers can be added in salads, used in sandwiches, tossed into omelettes or grilled to enjoy the smoky flavor.


Squeezing lemon in foods saves hundreds of calories, adds flavor, cuts back on salt intake and reduces fat consumption. Lemon squirts on salad instead of dressings, fish and on rice instead of some creamy sauce help an individual save abundant calories through the day. Infusing water to lemon can increase your water consumption and prevent dehydration, which might otherwise make you feel sluggish before an exercise session. Rich in vitamin C, sprinkling lemon over foods helps to increase iron absorption too.

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