Realize Fullness Before You Become Overfull

Taste buds become less sensitive after a few bites
The First Few Bites Satisfy Your Cravings & Bring Pleasure

We are born with the ability to realize hunger and stop feeding when full but unlearn this ability as we grow up. Fast foods, fad diets and exposure to a diverse variety of foods are some of the reasons for losing our ability to stop eating once hunger is satisfied. You can find a detailed list of the various other factors affecting overeating at

Try to practice these steps to avoid overeating:

  • Place healthy foods in front of your eyes where you are sure to pick them up. Instead of placing the fruits and vegetables inside the refrigerator’s crisper drawer, place them in your kitchen countertops or see-through containers.
  • Keep your distractions to a minimal while eating. You tend to eat more while watching TV or playing games. The food we eat does not get registered in our minds when we are in a state of hurry. It is recommended to concentrate on our meal while eating to derive satisfaction from it. A very small premeal meditation can help you eat your food with full attention and notify your brain when you have eaten enough.
  • It is always said that the first few bites satisfy your cravings and the delight that you get from eating. After that, taste buds become less sensitive to the chemicals in foods that make it taste good. Deriving maximum pleasure from the first few bites motivates you to stop eating once you are even a little full.
  • While eating out, ask the waiter to pack 50 percent of your order for take away even before bringing it to the table. This is because, most eat outs serve tremendous portions of food that are sure to pile up calories when eaten completely.
  • Eat more satisfying foods. Any food high in proteins, fiber or water content is said to be satisfying as it satisfies your tummy for fewer calories. Avoid small volumes of foods such as cheese, milkshakes and sweets that are calorie-rich but don’t fill your tummy.
  • While shopping out, choose the healthy sections first. Maybe, you can walk down the fruits, vegetables or whole grains aisles before moving to the confectionary or grocery section. We are more likely to purchase foods from the first three aisles in which we shop than the rest of the sections.

It is much easier to change your living environment than to fight against it. Keeping healthy foods in front of your eyes is better than trying to forget the candy bar in front of you. Think smart, act smart and eat right.


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