Tune in to Music While Exercising for Better Performance

Fast-beat songs improve exercise intensity
Listening to Music While Exercising Improves Efficiency

Music can not only improve your mood, but also helps to improve the efficiency of your workout, according to a latest study. More than having a positive effect on the physical activity because you concentrate on the beat rather than the challenge, it helps you to enjoy exercising and pushes you harder to spend more time in the activity.

The researchers have found that music minimizes your tiredness quotient significantly and increases endurance by as much as 15 percent. Music has an effect on brain functioning too. A small study involving men and women was conducted in a cardiac rehabilitation center. These individuals were made to exercise both with and without music and then asked to perform a verbal fluency test. The results proved that these individuals performed more than two times better after listening to music during exercise compared to their exercise performance without music.

Listen to different music to suit your different exercise forms. Walkers can listen to some high-energy, fast-paced music songs; runners can tune in to more energizing, fast tunes that contain motivating lyrics as well and intense workout sessions can involve a rhapsody of music and songs to give you the boost during each of your sweat sessions. Eating a healthy diet with foods from all the food groups along with your exercise schedule can help your weight loss process. Get in touch with a nutritionist/dietitian at www.firsteatright.com to plan a healthy diet plan to lose weight.

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