Is Cow’s Milk Suitable for Everyone?

Calcium and other nutrients are filled in cow's milk
Cow’s Milk is Hard to Digest for Infants Under 12 Months

Children need calcium for strong bones and cow’s milk is a great source of this nutrient suitable for toddlers, children and adults alike. But never feed an infant under 12 months of age with cow’s milk due to reasons givens below:

  • Unmodified cow’s milk is hard for a baby’s immune system to digest and process
  • Contains higher levels of potassium and sodium content than the recommended levels
  • Low in iron, zinc, vitamins C and E, copper and essential fatty acids needed for the baby to grow in a healthy way.

While breast milk is the best source of nutrients for you infant, many moms cannot breast-feed their infants for one or the other reason. To fulfill the nutrient needs of infants, get in touch with a registered dietitian nutritionist at

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