Be Armed with these Nutrients to Fight Off Winter Cold & Cough

Fight cold, cough and infections with healthy food
Evade Diseases with Plenty of Vitamins & Minerals

December is midway through and winter is showing its true color. With the dip in temperatures, there is ample chances of cold, flu, cough and infections to affect you and me. It is better to arm yourself with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to fight off the virus and bacteria that are simply waiting to invade your perfectly healthy body system. Given below are few nutrients that help you to the dot in this process:

  1. Vitamin A: Vitamin A strengthens cells present in the outermost skin layer, which is the body’s first defense against harmful bacteria and viruses. It also helps healthy cells to grow in the lining of the body’s hollow structures (such as gut, nose, throat and stomach). Sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrot, spinach, meats, fish and eggs are great sources of this vitamin.
  2. Vitamin D: With shorter days and more clouds around, the greatest natural source of vitamin D, sunshine is mostly never seen around during this season. With the pollution level at its peak now, there is negligible chance that the little sunshine seen now can be an effective source of the vitamin. Mushrooms, fatty fish, cheese and egg yolks are good sources of vitamin D. Get more valuable information on the sunshine vitamin from the link
  3. Vitamin C: An immunity booster, this vitamin is like your friend (who stays by your side throughout) and should be by your side throughout the year. Vitamin C helps boost the immune system, adds extra flu-fighting punch to any winter meal and keeps inflammatory issues at bay. All citrus fruits, apples, guava and cauliflower are loaded with vitamin C.
  4. Lean Protein: After water, protein is the second-most important nutrient in the human body. Lysine is a protein that helps the body heal and prevent cold sores. A diet rich in these foods helps to promote a superior immune system and also a speeder recovery during cold or flu. Load your plate with chicken, eggs, fish, yogurt, milk and cheese to get your daily share of lean proteins.
  5. Zinc and selenium: These nutrients help the body to fight infection and maintain the body’s defense system. Eat mushrooms, spinach, chicken, kale and cabbage to acquire these nutrients in your body.

Along with these nutrients, it is necessary to eat a healthy well-balanced diet along with plenty of physical exercise to stay off the winter woes.

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