Don’t Let BP Readings to Skyrocket During this Holiday Season

Control food intake during holiday season
Cheese, Breads & Prepared Meats are High in Sodium Levels

December is a time to rejoice and be happy with the festive and holiday season all around. Holidays are usually filled with family gettogethers, traveling, good food, illness, food poisoning and financial breakdowns too. Individuals with blood pressure should be double careful during this time as changes and stressors can make the BP levels go haphazard which in turn can increase the risk for heart attack or stroke.

The following tips can help you keep blood pressure readings under normal ranges:

Beware decongestants: While purchasing over-the-counter cold and flu medication, ensure that it does not contain a decongestant as these can raise blood pressure and decrease the effectiveness of the prescribed blood pressure medication.

A decongestant, used to relieve stuffy nose, should be used for the minimum amount of time possible and never be used by an individual with severe or uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Stick to Medication Routines: Studies prove that chances of heart attack and stroke increase during the winter months because of the cold weather that adds stress to the heart when we perform any activity, eat unhealthy food or when we are under stress.

Minimize risk by taking the prescribed drugs accurately at the designated time intervals by setting reminders, tracking BP readings and following up with your health care provider.

Don’t Unfollow Healthy Eating Patterns: Easy to preach, but hard to please. Eating healthy food during the holiday seasons is very difficult with all the rich foods and tasty sweets around you. Also, foods such as breads, cheese and prepared meats are high in sodium that can elevate blood pressure levels. It is ok to indulge in some tasty treats, but don’t overindulge.

With friends and family around during holiday parties, many of us tend to ignore exercise routines. It is better to pack basic exercise equipment such as a jump rope or a resistance band wherever you travel. You can even tag a friend along with you for a walk or jog in a nearby park. Try to walk and talk instead of sitting down and chatting.

Holiday seasons can also many-a-time lead to food poisoning incidents. Beware of this and protect yourself from such issues by knowing to handle foods correctly with inputs from the website

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