How Can Dads Contribute to Breast-feeding?

Dads can read on breast-feeding and keep themselves updated
Offer Support to the Nursing Mom by Arranging Pillows for Comfort

Breast-feeding is not a mom’s duty alone. A dad can support, encourage and provide confidence to the new mother and contribute to successful breast-feeding sessions.

Valuable ways in which a father can contribute include:

  • Attend prenatal breast-feeding classes with the expectant mother.
  • Arrange pillows to provide comfort to the nursing mom.
  • Being up-to-date on breast-feeding by reading books.
  • Getting the breast-feeding mom’s favorite snack or beverage when nursing the child. Moms need abundant nutrients during this time and getting in touch with a registered dietitian nutritionist at is the best way to fulfill your nutrition goals.
  • Burp the baby, change diapers, massage mom’s neck and shoulders to provide relaxation and bring the hungry baby to the mom for feeding.

When the father shares the household chores, cares for his other children, shops for the required items and does the essential tasks, he is indirectly taking off the pressures and interruptions away from the mom.


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