This New Year, Start Practicing these Basic Health Tips

Stay focused on your healthy lifestyle
Do Vigorous-intensity Exercises At least Thrice a Week

We would have started 2017 with a strong resolution in mind which lost its charm in due course of time. As we begin our journey in 2018, lets set our personal health goals and make decisive lifestyle choices to succeed in our goals. Given here are tips that can make our nutrition goals feasible and effective.

  1. Discard sugary drinks from your diet: Dextrose, one of the many sweeteners added to drinks shoots up calorie values in drinks. For instance, 600 ml of any sports drink contains 122 calories of added sugars while 355 ml of any soda contains 126 calories of added sugars. You can try drinking beverages such as coffee, tea, plain water or any calorie-free drinks to satisfy your needs. If in case you drink your beverage with sugar, choose milk or all-fruit juices that boost your nutrition levels.
  2. Be aware of your risk for type 2 diabetes: Prediabetes is the precursor to diabetes and almost 30% of patients with prediabetes become diabetic within five years. Prediabetes does not make diabetes inevitable. Eating more healthily, exercising regularly and losing at least 5-7% of body weight (if overweight/obese) can protect an individual against diabetes.
  3. Stay active: Normal healthy adults (18-65 years) need at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity five days a week to stay healthy. Involve in activities such as cycling, walking or gardening that makes your heart beat quicker and improves your cardiovascular health over time. You can also do vigorous-intensity exercises such as jogging, running, dancing, uphill hiking or cycling 10mph or faster for 20 minutes thrice a week.
  4. Stay away from processed foods: This is one category that attracts every one of us. Such foods include meat, poultry, seafood, pasta, dressings, sauces, soups or gravies. Instead of opting for these foods, you can choose from fresh, frozen or canned foods without any added sauces or seasonings. Use herbs and spices instead of salt to get the same taste and good health.
  5. Drink alcohol in moderation: It is advised that men restrict their drinks to two drinks per day and women to one drink per day. Remember that not every drink equals one drink and it depends on the contents present in the drink.
  6. Quit tobacco use: Your physician can help you quit smoking. Make your home and car smoke-free and this helps to eliminate secondhand smoking exposure of your loved ones.
  7. Keep stress under control: Healthy diet and daily physical activity can help to sustain overall health, both mental and physical. Learn to say ‘No.’ Also, never assume that seeking the help of a professional or close friend when you need help dealing with your mental stress is a sign of weakness.
  8. Your medical prescriptions are only for you: Keep medicines and prescriptions out of reach of children. Segregate stronger medications from commonly used ones and ensure that lids of all medicines are tightly closed. It is even more better to install a lock box in your medicine cabinet. Get to know the three basic tips on using medicines safely from the website
  9. Stay updated on immunization policies: Ensure that you and your family get the necessary vaccinations on time and also stay tuned on the recent updates. Some individuals give reasons for not getting their newborns vaccinated too which is dangerous and hazardous to health.

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