De-stress Yourself with Alternative Strategies Other than Food

Look for non-food ways to cope with stress
Book Reading is an Excellent Way to De-stress

Stress is inevitable, but taking appropriate steps to overpower it is in our hands. We cannot control the things that happen around us, but we can control our reactions and thoughts to such things.

Do you remember the number of times you swallowed a piece of cookie or partied out to destress yourself? People eat for emotional stress as well for social reasons. Nowadays emotional hunger is becoming more common than physical hunger. Eating is not at all the right way to deal with a stressful situation.

Just like there are food rewards and non-food rewards for children, stress can also be dealt with adaptive (healthy) or non-adaptive (unhealthy) coping mechanisms. Eating belongs to the second category. We might feel all positive when we eat to cope up with stress, but later we either repent for our act or feel unwell physically, both of which are not good for our body. Encourage children to accept non-food rewards and make them realize its benefits, by trying various exciting and attractive non-food rewards that are listed down at

Beyond food there are other things that can help you cope up with stress. But, what suits one individual might not suit another one. Instead of giving excuses for not using alternative coping techniques and sticking back to your food-coping technique, try any of these options given below to balance stress and nullify it:

  • Take a hot water bath to soothe your body
  • Walk around a park to enjoy fresh air and revitalize yourself
  • Do some long-pending cleaning activity to feel satisfied
  • Read a book or pen down your thoughts
  • Watch your favorite series or movie
  • Meditate or do breathing exercise
  • Do yoga or physical exercise
  • Talk with your close friend and share your thoughts

Even if the weather is bad outside and you cannot go for a walk, you can ultimately take a bath or read a book. There is 99.99% possibility that any of these above techniques are feasible alternatives to food. Next time you feel stressed, realize what’s in your control, what’s not in your control and act accordingly.

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