Growing Old at the Comfort of Your Home

Elderly people can make their house comfortable to age gracefully
Install Grab Bars to Avoid Falls

The growing number of senior residential apartments and elderly communities are explicit proofs that senior citizens prioritize comfort over their age-old homes. With the right kind of help and plan, one might be able to ‘age in place’ staying in your own home.

You need to make careful changes to live independently in your own house. Age safely in your place:

  1. Don’t use area rugs and check that all carpets are fixed firmly on the floor.
  2. Ensure that handles on doors, faucets and other areas are comfortable to use.
  3. Grab bars are a necessity for senior citizens to avoid skipping off the floor. Install grab bars near toilets, bath tubs and shower.
  4. Slippery surfaces are threats to seniors who might fracture their bones due to a fall. Because of old age, such bone fractures take a longer time to heal and also need critical care which is not possible if there is no one around to help you. Instead, it is better to place no-slip strips or non-skid mats on tile and wood floors or surfaces that might get wet.
  5. Climbing up and down the stairs becomes a nightmare as a person grows old due to joint pain, leg pain and much more. It is helpful to install switches at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  6. Get your night lamps fixed in every room to prevent fall and to help you move around the house much more comfortably during the nights.
  7. Get a ramp installed with handrails to reach your front door.

You can hire maids for household chores. If cooking meals becomes a burden, try to order nutritious foods from outside or share cooking with a friend to halve your workload. When bathing, washing or ironing becomes a problem, there is nothing wrong in hiring a trained aide for a short time daily. Medicines are an important part of most seniors and there are plenty of devices available nowadays to remind you when its time for your pills. Use these devices to take your pills on time. With good health and physical activity, you would be able to age gracefully and lead your life independently without anyone’s help. If you face health problems and need dietary guidance for the same, you can get in touch with nutritionists/dietitians at who can help you plan a balanced meal to promote health and protect nutritional values within the specified calorie limitations.

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