Include Workout in your Everyday Routine

Split your exercise sessions to use time
Sneak in Exercises Between House Chores

The planets are spinning at jet speed and at the blink of an eye weeks fly off. All of us lack time even for the most important things such as workout. With back-to-back schedules, it is easy to miss out on daily physical activity easily. But, no excuses will surpass the benefits of a good day’s exercise. It is recommended that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise (cycling, brisk walking) that includes one or two sessions of strength training.

Even if you lack time to do 60 minutes of continuous activity, there is no harm in splitting these into three 20-minute sessions spread through the day. Even research shows that involving yourself in small sessions throughout the day gives you the same impact as one long session. Individuals find this easier to implement rather than finding appropriate time to execute their physical activity. Even amongst your busy schedule, exercise can become a part of your daily list if you schedule it similar to any other office meeting or task at hand. This is one of the most reliable ways to change your ideas and plans into a long-lasting practice or habit.

Try Ten-minute Sessions

It should not be too hard to find 10 minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening to engage in some form of physical activity. You can start your day with 10 minutes of body weight exercises such as squats, push-ups, crunches and lunges in the morning, use your lunch breaks at office to go for a 10-minute brisk walk in the afternoon and after coming back from work, you can always engage in 10 minutes of yoga stretches to relax yourself.

Engage in Fitness Together as a Family

If you don’t find time for yourself to workout, involve the kids in some activity that they will also enjoy. You can go out for a walk, a game of frisbee or basketball. This would give you quality time for family bonding and fulfill your purpose too.

Add Innovation to Your Cleaning

Use your hands instead of the mop to scrub the floor. Instead of simply unloading the dishwasher, you can try a dance step or two with the dishes. Moving more while cleaning can be engaging, interesting and you seem to add minutes fast while doing such activities.

Schedule Walking Meetings

Walking meetings are the latest trend at office. There is no hard and fast rule that meetings in an office should be scheduled only in the meeting room. Actually, walking meetings trigger creativity and communication. The natural air helps elevate mood and an urge to work. If your job includes hanging around airports or other public places, make it a point to move around while waiting. This can easily add thousands of steps to your day’s count.

You can park your car far away from the parking lot and walk to your office, take the stairs instead of the elevator or do yard work to add to your activity count. If none of this motivates you, try working out with a fitness partner or hire a fitness professional. Visit the website to get in touch with reputed professionals. Being in touch with someone makes you more responsible with the activity at hand.

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