The Genetic Link Between Autism, Bipolar Disorder & Schizophrenia

Psychiatric disorders can be rooted down genetically
Psychiatric Disorders Devastate Kids’ Mental Strength

Genes and heredity are always interesting to know about. Most of our traits are acquired by nature but nurture too plays a pivotal role in shaping a child’s character and personality.

A new study has proposed the fact that there is a potential link between autism, bipolar disease and schizophrenia at the molecular level. Researchers are already aware of the fact that some variations in genetic material are responsible for psychiatric changes and are also sure of the fact that DNA alone does not contribute to this completely.

Each cell in the human body contain the same DNA and RNA and also play a role in gene expression in various parts of the body by reading the instructions within the DNA. There is a possibility that taking a closer look at the RNA in the human brain tissue can contribute towards molecular profile of these disorders.

Researchers analyzed 700 RNA samples of deceased subjects who had autism, bipolar disease, major depression, alcohol abuse disorder or schizophrenia and compared them to the RNA of deceased patients without psychiatric disorders. There was a similarity at the molecular level for diseases such as autism and schizophrenia, but molecular changes found in depression disorder was not present in the other disorders. While we are sure that molecular changes in the brain are the reaction of some genetic changes, we are not aware of the reasons behind these changes that would trigger such molecular changes. Mental disorders can cause turbulence in the affected person’s life as it hinders even day-to-day activities of the person. Read more on the different disorders, their symptoms and side effects at

The causes are revealed, and we have advanced one step. The next step should be to analyze the reasons and understand the mechanisms for such changes in order to develop strategies to correct the results.


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