Help Your Smoking-addicted Woman Friend to Quit

Avoid frustration when your friend is unable to give up smoking in the first attempt
Don’t Lecture, Nag or Scold Your Friend to Quit Smoking

Smoking in women has become an increasingly common affair these days. Moreover, the number of women smokers will soon overtake the number of male smokers. There are more women dying from lung cancer than breast cancer. Read more on the effects of smoking on the cardiovascular and respiratory health of women at We are the crossroad of making an important decision-to reduce smoking among the women population and help those already habituated to this dangerous habit to quit.

  1. Realize in the first place that quitting smoking is tough. Smoking is not a bad habit but a tough addiction that makes it a complicated one to come out of.
  2. Use your relationship with the woman smoker smartly. The two friends involved in the friendship are the only ones who understand the underlying current between them. This can help either of you realize what needs to be changed to better deal with smoking and quitting.
  3. Initiate conversation with your smoking friend as she might feel delicate or reluctant to start one regarding her smoking addiction.
  4. Question her. Never assume things on your own. Don’t ever think what it would be like for your friend to quit smoking and never assume that you know what it takes for her to quit the bad habit. Ask her!
  5. Once you ask the question, wait patiently for her response. She must quit smoking, it is about her and not you. Give her time to answer and never try to insert clues or small phrases for her to pick up from there.
  6. Don’t act like a professor trying to lecture, nag or scold her. This will take away all her confidence on you and she might never come to you again asking for help regarding this matter.
  7. Cigarettes become a habit for smokers, just like brushing or bathing. Different places, things or events might push their desire to smoke. Help them by offering other distractions that make them overcome their cravings without going for a smoke break.
  8. There are circumstances where your friend might slip back to smoking. It does not mean she is addicted again and you need to start scolding her. She herself will surely feel guilty for this act of hers and bounce back. One smoke cannot be quoted as a failure in your attempt, but it is a slight bump in your big endeavor.
  9. Making someone quit is no easy task but it is quite easier when compared to the person trying to quit her smoking addiction. It might frustrate and anger you when you find your friend smoking repeatedly even after tons of advice and support. But think from her end, the struggles and stress she is undergoing. Remain calm, positive and keep offering your support till she achieves her target.
  10. Reward and celebrate her success. She might start with one day, one week, one month and proceed to one year together which are all reasons to celebrate.
  11. Quitting smoking can cause ample stress. Till now, your friend has been dealing with stress by going for a smoke. But when she quits this stress-buster routine, what is she going to do? Suggest alternate methods for her to de-stress- it might be a relaxing spa, some soothing music or even a small nap.
  12. If your friend has successfully quit smoking for once, it does not mean that she is not going to touch a cigarette lifelong. The craving to smoke can come within a week, a month or even after three months. She might find some reason to start smoking again. It is necessary that you stay constantly in touch with her and help with her next attempt to stop smoking once and for all.

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