Overeating Can be A Thing of the Past!

Eat Before you become hungry
Never Overeat to Combat Stress! There are Better Ways Out!

All of us overeat when we are too hungry, when food is extremely delicious, due to stress or when we gobble down food. But, fortunately there are various tactics that can be used to put an end to overeating once and for all. The tips given here can help you feel fueled and satisfied instead of feeling full and frustrated.

Foods Around You Affect Your Appetite

When you are surrounded by unhealthy food all the time, you keep eating all through the day irrespective of your hunger quotient. One simple way to avoid it is to think-think how you feel after eating too much and how you would feel if you don’t eat the food. Anytime when you don’t consume food unnecessarily you would feel happy, satisfied and proud than if you had consumed food.

Speed your Mouthfuls

Your stomach takes time to send indication to your mind because the process of feeling full takes time. The process of receiving a signal from the gut to the brain takes anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes and hence, it is crucial that you eat more slowly. But, when you eat too fast you are sure to get an indication only after you have already eaten too much.

Concentrate on What You Eat

In this fast-paced world, eating your meals has become one of the to-do list items rather than a priority. We often eat our breakfast in the car, rush through lunch at our desk or munch food during dinnertime glued to our favorite television show. In such cases, your concentration is never on the food you eat but on your driving, office work or your favorite television show.

Lessen Your Stress Levels

Stress is a part and parcel of our everyday life, be it meetings at office, family issues at home or kids having problems at school. Such stressful scenarios not only cause physical harm to our body in the form of chronic high blood pressure, diarrhea, headache and chest pain but also causes you to overeat. Stress induces the release of the cortisol hormone that elevates your appetite. Hungry or not, you crave for food and end up eating high-fat, high-sugar foods that worsen your overeating behavior. Stress can be dealt in many other ways without affecting your body as detailed in the website www.firsteatright.com.

Eat Before Hunger Hits You

Assume these two scenarios:

  • You eat an early dinner not because you are hungry but because you have planned to go out with friends and don’t want to order out.
  • You don’t eat anything before heading out for dinner as you are not hungry. You wait until 8pm or so, hunger hits you hard and you munch on anything that you find inside your kitchen cabinet. But later, you realize your mistake and wish that you had not stuffed yourself too much.

In the second scenario, nausea or headache might strike you due to excess hunger. These can happen even if you delay your lunch at office due to excess workload or skip breakfast in the morning.

Let Go of the Clean Plate Club

Many a time we finish off the food from our plate even after realizing that our tummies are full. But, after eating it, we feel irritated and angry at ourselves for such an action. Instant gratification is the primary reason for such hasty decisions which must be overcome to avoid overfull tummies. Give yourself sometime to decide whether or not to finish the plate.

Attend to your Hunger Cues

Not all of us hear our stomachs growl. Hunger can manifest itself in the form of a headache or a bad mood that comes up suddenly. Other symptoms include nausea or sudden irritability. If you find yourself getting angry at your kids for no major reason or shouting at someone unnecessarily, remind yourself that it is time to eat.

Avoid Overeating

It is not so easy to ignore delicious food placed before you and it is so easy to ignore the full feeling and eat until you are not able to sit or stand but only lie down. Try out these tips one by one and follow the ones that work best for you. Once you get habituated to it, you are sure to say no even to the yummiest delicacies and eat only when you feel hungry.

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