Fast Facts About Farting

Farting is the expulsion of gas from the body
Don’t Hold Your Fart

We don’t discuss about farting or flatulence openly but each of us do it daily. Individuals make fun of it, people try to hide it and the world cracks jokes based on flatus but if flatulence is taken out of a person’s life, our lives and health become much more complicated.

Our body produces intestinal gas (endogenous gas) as part of the process of digestion and this gas needs to be flushed out of the body either through the anus as flatulence or through the mouth as a burp. Sometimes, we swallow air while eating, chewing, smoking or drinking through a straw and this is called as exogenous air primarily made of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Exogenous gas mostly contains hydrogen and methane with small quantities of other gases such as hydrogen sulfide which contribute to the foul smell sometimes when we fart. Undigested carbohydrates present in foods that contain fiber (beans, nuts and fruits), sugars (fructose and sorbitol), insoluble fiber (most root vegetables) and starch (corn, wheat, potatoes) is also released as gas.

Everyone farts but it might not be the same set of foods that causes farting in people. Also, certain set of people with certain conditions such as lactose intolerance, celiac disease or irritable bowel syndrome may experience more problems with gas than others. If you find yourself perplexed about any of these conditions, please visit the website to understand them completely.

Rarely do we gain knowledge about farting as it does not hold prominence nor is it a pleasant topic for discussion during parties or meetups. But, there are certain interesting and intriguing facts that we are bound to know:

  1. Farting does not do injustice to men or women and it attack both the sexes equally. Also, research shows no significant difference between the amount of fart that young and old people expel
  2. On an average, a normal person produces around 0.6-1.8 liters of intestinal gas daily anywhere between 12 and 25 times a day. It is also not abnormal for people to fart more than this based on their choice of foods
  3. Though we crack jokes on foul smells produced due to farting, only 1% of the gases expelled in farts smell bad and more than 99% gases passed consists of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane
  4. Individuals fart more while fast asleep
  5. Beans are great food sources that produce gas and soaking beans overnight can reduce their nature to trigger gas production
  6. Methane produced from livestock covers almost 36% of the methane pollution caused due to human activity

Humans eat and sleep but don’t feel embarrassed doing it. Farting is as common as eating and sleeping but still people find it hard to accept it openly. Its understandable that sudden noises/sounds can make you and me feel awkward but there is nothing unethical about it.

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