The Fatigue Mirage

Adrenal fatigue is not an approved medical condition
Adrenal Fatigue is a Fantasy Theory

“I feel tired all the time despite sleeping well”, “I have no energy to even play with my 4-year-old kid” or “I just drag through the day to come back and fall on the couch” are often-quoted remarks nowadays by youngsters, middle-aged individuals and the elderly people alike. People visit doctors with such complaints but come back empty-handed without any solution as physicians don’t find anything wrong. They might order for a couple of tests, get your medical history, order for a physical examination and do blood tests but these never give you successful feedbacks or help you hit right onto the problem frustrating both the patient and the doctor. Some of them come up with the ‘adrenal fatigue’ theory as the cause behind such lack of energy but this theory remains unaccepted by the medical fraternity.

Mysterious Myth

The term ‘adrenal fatigue’ was coined in 1998 by Dr. James Wilson, a naturopath and an expert in alternative medicine. He defines adrenal fatigue as a collection of signs and symptoms (a syndrome) that are the results of an underactive adrenal gland functioning. This occurs mostly as a side effect of stress or after chronic infections such as bronchitis, flu or pneumonia. Dr. Wilson says that although the patient exhibits no signs of physical illness, they live everyday being tired, feeling ‘grey’ or unwell.

The adrenal glands that sit over the kidneys produce cortisol, a stress hormone. Continuous stress can lead to low levels of cortisol due to strained adrenals. This causes brain fog, low energy, depressive mood, salt and sweet cravings, lightheadedness and other symptoms. A review of 58 studies concluded that there is no proper scientific evidence to associate adrenal impairment as a reason for fatigue. Also, the Endocrinology society (the world’s largest organization of reputed endocrinologists) and other medical specialties don’t support or recognize this as a medical condition. Such huge differences in conventional versus complementary medicine frustrate the common man seeking medical guidance for his/her health problems.

When Symptoms Match…

When you experience all the above symptoms, it is essential that you meet your physician immediately because these symptoms might also be signs of other problems such as sleep apnea, depression, autoimmune diseases, infections, kidney and liver diseases and heart/lung problems. When your physician rules out any of these conditions and you feel that adrenal fatigue is the root cause for your problem, just answer this one question: “What type of stress is causing such a major impact on your life?” Most of you would blame the modern lifestyle and hectic office work to be the main cause. Get rid of modern-day stressors with the help of tactics given at

When doctor send you back saying that you are 100% fit and it all depends on how you see, you feel even more agitated and angered. Surfing the net might lead to multiple treatment options which stress you even more. Mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety have similar symptoms but patients avoid taking medications despite unsuccessful counselling sessions fearing its side effects.

The Next Step

Battling adrenal fatigue and finding a clear-cut solution to the problem is quite hard. The patient and the doctor need to really gel well and spend time discussing about the problem, which is mostly seen only in the case of alternative and complementary physicians as they have a more holistic approach towards their patients. Few physicians suggest cortisol replacements that can be dreadful even when consumed in small doses resulting in weight gain, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease.

Despite clarity, there are millions of people suffering from similar symptoms and counselling, medications, lifestyle changes and encouragement can work in the patient’s favor. But never jump onto conclusions by yourself and go for remedies prescribed for this unproven disease. This can only leave you feeling sicker while the actual problem still takes a toll on your health. Try to go through your lifestyle activities one by one to find out whether any of them are causing the problem. The solution to your problem might be simpler that you think and you may start feeling better in quite sometime once you analyze and diagnose it properly.

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